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Welcome to CHS Virtual Learning Academy. We’re glad you have chosen this online learning experience and are here to help guide you through it. If you have any questions please contact Becca Flores, Assistant Principal.

655 Caddo Street, San Angelo, TX, USA

VLA Saturday Tutorials

CHS is offering in-person tutorials for students in the Virtual Academy for the month of March on the 6th, from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.  We will have teachers in Math, Science, Social Studies and English to help answer questions, to reteach areas students are struggling with, and to assist students develop a plan to stay on track with their course load.

Our VLA Tutorials will be held in Tucker Hall at the Main Campus in rooms 130 and 132.  You must wear a mask at all times.  These sessions are “come and go” tutorials - Come when you can and stay as long as you need the help.

Take advantage of this opportunity and see you Saturday! 

Virtual Academy Information

eSchoolPLUS Home Access Center

Home Access Center

Students and parents are encouraged to monitor grades online regularly, and email teachers (by clicking on their name) if concerns arise. Students or parents should contact the CHS Counseling Center if they have trouble accessing HAC.

Microsoft Outlook Logo

Student Outlook Email

Make sure that you check this email daily.

-Open a browser on your Chromebook or device
-Go to
-Log into O365 webmail:

Login name: (
Password: network/email password


Edgenuity Login

Student Login

Student Login Link

Login: ANGELOid# (Example: student ID # of 65723, login is ANGELO65723)

Password: Date of Birth in format of MMDDYYYY (Example of 01012000 for January 1, 2000)

Using Your Time Wisely


CHS 2020 Fall Bell Schedule

Students should spend a comparable amount of time in Edgenuity to what they would spend in a traditional school setting to be successful. A typical school day ranges from 6-8 hours which is a guideline. This will vary somewhat but can even extend past the normal school day if they are in advanced courses that require additional homework outside of the standard school day. To be successful in the VLA, your student must commit to this dedicated learning time each day. One way to do this is by setting up a daily schedule period by period, based on the schools bell schedule.

Meet the Teachers


Tracking Teachers

Each student has a tracking teacher that monitors their progress and communicates with parents weekly. To find out who your students tracking teacher is, refer to your students schedule and look for course name Virtual Tracking, 0 period.

If you student receives Special Education services, then their tracking teacher will be their Special Education Tracking Teacher that has been assigned to them. This tracking teacher should have made contact with you at the start of the school year. If you are unsure of who is your students Special Education Tracking teacher please contact Ms. Flores.