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Effective with the class of 2018, students shall have ten points added to each semester grade of Pre-Advanced Placement courses, and 15 points added to each semester grade of Advanced Placement courses and eligible college-level dual credit courses that are equivalent to high school Advanced Placement courses.

Eligible college-level dual credit courses are identified in appropriate District publications and can be found on the District website:, navigate to the programs tab, select advanced academics then dual credit.


Effective with class of 2018:
The following grades will be used in calculating the numerical grade average and rank in class, as well as determining the honor graduates:

  1. Semester grades earned for high school credit during 8th grade.
  2. Semester grades earned during grades 9th, 10th, and 11th grades
  3. Final rank includes the average of the 3rd nine-week grades of the 12th grade.


Effective with the class of 2018, all classes will be used in calculating GPA/Class rank, unless excluded below.


Drivers education, credit-by-exams, correspondence and audited courses shall be excluded from computations of class rank.  


In case of a tie in weighted numerical grade averages, the District shall apply the following methods, in this order, to determine recognition as valedictorian or salutatorian:    

  1. Compare the number of weighted courses taken by each student involved in the tie.
  2. Calculate a weighted numerical grade average only using eligible grades earned in AP and dual credit courses.

Top Ten Percent

All students whose grade point average comprise the top ten percent of the graduating class and qualify for automatic admission under the Education Code 51.803 shall be recognized.  Eligibility standards required for the local procedure for determining valedictorian and salutatorian shall not apply to the procedure for determining the top ten percent as indicated under Early Graduates.