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Required Credit / STAAR

graduation credit requirements

Graduation Plan Requirements

2018 Seniors (& beyond) must successfully complete the following course credits (and pass required STAAR tests) on the Foundations with Endorsements Graduation Plan (Distinguished Level of Achievement college preparatory plan).

  • 4 English credits
  • 4 Math credits (including Alg.1, Geom., & either Alg.2 or College Prep Math)
  • 4 Science credits (must include Biology, plus either IPC, Chemistry, or Physics)
  • 3 Social Studies credits (must include
    • World Geography or World History, and...
    • US History, and...
    • Government, plus either Economics or Personal Financial Literacy)
  • 2 Languages other than English 
  • 1 P.E. credit (or Athl., or Substitute)
  • 1 Fine Arts credit 
  • 1 Career & Technology credit
    (for 2024 graduates & earlier)
  • Elective credits 
    • 6 for graduates (of or before 2024)
    • 7 for graduates (of or after 2025)

Students are also required to choose an endorsement (see the information listed below). 

More details are listed in SAISD's High School Educational Planning & Course Guide.


STAAR Tests & Testing Calendar


The State of Texas requires all students to successfully complete required credits, as well as pass the following STAAR tests:

  • STAAR English I
  • STAAR English II
  • STAAR Algebra I
  • STAAR Biology
  • STAAR U.S. History

For students who struggle on these tests, Central High School offers a variety STAAR Remediation opportunities during the school year as well as during the summer.

Test and re-test opportunities occur in the Spring, Summer and December of each school year. 

Specific STAAR testing dates are available at the SAISD website.



Students on the college-prep graduation plan are also required to choose (and meet the requirements of) at least one of the following:

  • STEM Endorsement (Sci,, Techn., Engineering, & Math) - for students who plan to take additional/advanced math, science, computer science and/or robotics courses.
  • Arts & Humanities Endorsement - for students who plan to take several Fine Arts, Foreign Languages, or Social Studies courses.
  • Public Service Endorsement- for students who plan to take JROTC I-IV, or several Career/Technology classes in 1 or more of the following areas:  Education Training, Criminal Justice, Health Science, &/or Human Services
  • Business & Industry Endorsement - for students who plan to take advanced Debate, Newspaper and/or Yearbook classes, or... several Career & Technology courses in 1 or more of the following areas:  Ag., Busin./Mkt/Finance, Tech./Computer, Construction/Architecture, Work Co-op, Marketing, Hospitality/Tourism, &/or Auto Tech/Collision.
  • Multi-Disciplinary Endorsement - for students who plan to earn an additional 1.0 Social Studies credit or 4.0 AP/Dual Credit credits.

More specific details about each endorsement are listed in the High School Educational Planning & Course Guide at SAISD's website. 


Although it is not mandatory, students can earn additional academic honors such as...

1. Distinguished Level of Achievement by graduating on Foundations Plan with...

  • least one Endorsement
  • least 4 Science credits
  • least 4 Math credits (including Alg.2)

2.  Performance Acknowledgements in any of the following areas :

  • Dual Credit - accumulate 12 hours (4 courses) of college credit with B or higher
  • AP - Score a 3 or higher on AP Exam
  • PSAT - Achieve National Merit, Commended, Natl. Hispanic or Natl. Achievement Scholar status
  • Aspire (Pre-ACT) - recognized as College Ready in 2 or more subjects
  • SAT - Math + E.B. Reading/Writing = 1310
  • ACT - Composite score of 28 or higher
  • Bilingual/Biliteracy - 3 on AP For.Lang. test, or B or higher in For.Lang. 1, 2,& 3; or in For.Lang. 4
  • National or International recognized Business/Industry Certificate or License